„Baltic Jamboree 2010 - The Amber Way" turi himną!

Senas Skautatinklis | 2010-06-16

Scouting is what I do

I know you like it too

No matter where your heart belongs to

This camp feels like home for you

Baltic sisters meet here in Telšiai

And we don‘t care what other people say

‘cause Amberway is the way of friendship

This BalticJam creates brother – sister relationship


AMBERWAY campfires and new friends

AMBERWAY help for each other

AMBERWAY trips, songs and so much fun

AMBERWAY three countries go as one…

Let’s make Baden-Powell proud

When only friendly people gather around

By doing good jobs we’re making world better

We pray the lord this camp to last forever

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Senas Skautatinklis | 2010-06-16